My resume

Work Experience

  • Sep 2021 · Present
    Software Engineer (Distributed Systems)
    • Lead first Vault-Github plugin, generating over $1m in revenue and expanding the company's product offerings
    • Implemented in Go database multiplexing, enhancing system efficiency (50%+)/scalability across multiple plugins
    • Identified and remedied critical SQL vulnerabilities, significantly improving database security
    • Developed kubernetes operators in Go by using custom resources for orchestration of the containerized F5 proxy
  • May 2021 · Sep 2021
    Backend Engineer Intern
    • Optimized EC2 metadata microservice by reducing build/compile time by 20-25%
    • Designed and developed video application management system to remove legacy remote execution functions
    • Developed and exposed Golang HTTP/gRPC microservice for EC2 server management
    • Utilize gRPC for fast/performant communication between different microservices
    • Migrated Golang video application metric system to CloudWatch for improved monitoring and alerting
  • Nov 2020 · Feb 2021
    Software Engineer
    • Worked directly with CTO to improve existing Rust architecture/patterns
    • Integrated machine learning API to identify and mitigate fraudulent user behavior/transactions
    • Developed REST API that allowed blockchain interactions with NFTs, user details, and product information
    • Decreased user/product information retrieval latency by 500ms by utilizing distributed SQL database
    • Aided in the development of a Rust HSM SDK that provided a security layer for our user’s crypto wallets
  • Aug 2020 · Oct 2020
    Software Engineer
    • Lead an engineering team that, designed and deployed $12m Call of Duty tournament software in Golang
    • Developed machine learning anti-cheat system based on player metrics in real-time
    • Scaled capability to over 500k+ connections and handled 290k requests daily using concurrent hashmap caching
    • Bypassed API restrictions by implementing rotating unique proxies across multiple goroutines
    • Delivered real-time player performance analysis and ranking for 1000+ users with sub-second delays
    • Engineered entire framework, Managed DevOps and Streamlined deployment with Docker


  • Purdue University
    Aug 2021
    Bachelor of Computer Science
    Dominican University of California
  • San Jose State UniversitySan Jose State University
    Jun 2019
    Associate of Computer Science
    University of California Berkeley